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Product Roadmap

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Currently Working 🧪

  • Performance and Code Optimization

What's Coming Next 🚀

  • Service Addons
  • Holiday Mode for provider
  • Reports Module for Handyman / Providers
  • Sync Google Calendar for upcoming bookings
  • A badge system for handyman to increase their level of expertise
  • Referral for Users and Handyman
  • Integrate Captcha functions to prevent robots 

Recent Releases ✨

  • The cash and commission flow for all roles is being reworked
  • Chat Notifications for both apps. 
  • Advance Payment Based On Service
  • Wallet For Users
  • Provider/ Handyman Bio
  • Customer should be able to Manage their Favourite Provider
  • Blog Section
  • Download Invoice for Customer
  • Service Packages
  • New Admin Panel with Great Look & Feel
  • Timeslots for Provider
  • Post Job Service For Users
  • Extra Charge for Provider and Handyman.  

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