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Product Roadmap

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Currently Working 🧪

  • Revamp the earning system flow for improved functionality
  • Implement dynamic dashboard options for the User App to enhance user engagement and satisfaction

What's Coming Next 🚀

  • Revamped the User Interface of the wallet history, ensuring a more user-friendly experience
  • Introduce a streamlined withdrawal request feature tailored specifically for service Providers, simplifying the process of accessing earnings
  • Improve the detail pages for providers, handymen, and users by presenting transaction data clearly and providing helpful insights
  • Seamlessly manage notification interactions, guiding users with intuitive prompts and swift redirects to relevant screens

Recent Releases ✨

  • Users can now enable/disable Push Notifications
  • Ability to send images and files in Chat
  • User wallet now displayed in the front-end
  • Implemented email verification for both Provider App and Users app to enhance account security and authenticity

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